Deep Cold Storage

The easiest and safest way to store Bitcoins

Create your Wallet


Your Bitcoin addresses derive directly from your SecretPhrase. Your secure Bitcoin keys simply don't exist anywhere. We do not know them. This website will never know them. No one does. Even you do not have to record them anywhere as you can always regenerate them using your SecretPhrase and this website. We do urge you however to print out your Deep Cold Storage Wallet and store it somewhere safe.

The algorithms/applications needed to create your wallet are currently running right now on your browser. There is no communication with any external server and no information is communicated outside your browser. You may download the Wallet section of this website and store it locally so that you can regenerate your wallet at any future time without having to visit our website ever again.

For maximum protection please ensure you choose a long and hard to guess SecretPhrase. Print out the wallet (which includes your SecretPhrase as well as the corresponding Bitcoin secret keys) and store the print out somewhere very safe.

That's it really, simple and effective.

Get Bitcoins

We currently do not offer Bitcoin purchasing services. We may do so in the near future. CoinBase and MtGox are good places to purchase your Bitcoins, MtGox is the exchange we currently (end of 2013) use for our own Bitcoin purchases.

Once you have some Bitcoins you can just transfer them to any of the public addresses of your Deep Cold Storage Wallet. You may keep the public addresses handy should you decide to deposit more Bitcoins. We generally use one address for each one of our children and deposit a few Bitcoins to each one. There is nothing more to do other than ensuring your SecretPhrase (or even better the whole Deep Cold Storage Wallet print out) is stored somewhere securely.

That's all there is to it.


We are a small group of old time friends who wanted to buy a few Bitcoins for our families and store them in the most secure and hassle free way possible. We didn't want to have to worry about installing and maintaining cumbersome Bitcoin clients, computer security, antivirus software, trojans, viruses, key stroke loggers or any other threats going around the world wild web these days. This site is what we came up with to help us and our friends generate offline wallets for long term safe storage of Bitcoins. We hope you may find it useful too.